After Margaret Ann and David Snow graduated from University of Alabama, they chose to spend some time working on an organic farm in Washington. After learning to grow organically and growing accustomed to eating fresh produce all the time, David Snow wanted to implement what he learned on his family’s land in Tuscaloosa. In 2004, the Snows began growing produce of their own.

Today, on 180-acres of leased land in Coker, Alabama, you can find Snow’s Bend Farm. Located in the flood-plain of the Black Warrior River, the Snow’s grow vegetables, strawberries, melons, cut flowers and pastured pork over a 15-acre spread. All of their plants are grown from seed, using organic fertilizer and fish emulsification. They implement organic pest control techniques and cover cropping, while maintaining a disease-free environment through crop rotation and tea composting. Due to the farm’s proximity to the river, the soil known as Tuscaloosa Chocolocco is naturally fertile. Though flooding around their cultivation areas presents problems in the form of access and contamination, the farm continues to thrive largely because of the river.

The Snow’s feel a natural sense fulfillment at the end of a hard day’s work and feeling of accomplishment that comes as a result of growing food for a living. Over the years, they have become more comfortable and confident in their ability to maintain a successful farm and grow, harvest, wash and market efficiently. Today, they are able to hire workers to help on a daily basis.

Snow’s Bend Farm has a community supported agriculture (CSA) network of over 200 members, which is the primary focus of their farming efforts. They provide to three farmers markets around Tuscaloosa, including Homegrown Alabama, Tuscaloosa Farmers Market and Pepper Place Saturday Market in Birmingham. They also serve 8-9 wholesale customers around the area.