Alabama’s Black Warrior River has been a remarkable resource for centuries, not only as a source of water, but as a source of sustenance, commerce, employment and pleasure. Backwaters is a multimedia storytelling effort that aims to catalogue individuals and their stories, all of which are centeredĀ around the Black Warrior River watershed.

This project is only a starting point, a spearhead of sorts. Through a grassroots storytelling effort, a handful of individuals with connections to the river are able to share their story. Hopefully, these stories can function as springboard for community building and give those with ties to the river a sense of efficacy toward their collective issues.

The characteristics of the Black Warrior River as a natural resource are well documented. On the other hand, the human characteristics are just as plentiful and important. Backwaters is an attemptĀ to document the human element of the Black Warrior River through the stories of individuals who have ties to the river in some way, whether that entails a world record catch or simply a place to live.

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